MyIndicators is a cloud-based service available from smartphones and web browsers that is powerful and easy to use. It facilitates validations, scorings, visualizations and much more. Here’s a list of features included in MyIndicators.


Powerful and easy to use form designer  –> Tailored simplicity

The Indicator Designer have a toolbox metaphor with a rich set of tools and an easy to use interface for creating your set of fields that builds up your Indicator. Start from scratch or use one of the several templates or why not start from a public indicator that someone else has designed.


Advanced functions for validating data –> High dataquality

To each field you can define a set of rules that gives your field a certain set of properties for validation and presentation of the field.


References between fields for both validation and presentation –> Intelligent collection

You can also define references between fields for setting validation and presentations, for example that one field should be greater or less than another field. Or that a field should be visible or not depending on the value that is collected in a previous field.


Work together with MyIndicators among friends/collegues –> Knowledge sharing

Share indicators among friends, colleagues and members by inviting them to participate in your Indicator handling. Decide on which level your invited members will be able to participate: just to collect data, analyze data or maybe as an Indicator designer as well.


Used with a smartphone, tablet or any webbrowser, separated or in combination –> Flexibility

The service is accessible from our app and as well from a web browser on any device. Indicator design, Data collection and Analyzer can be from a single device or by a combination of devices from anywhere where there is a connection. Data collection can be done offline, and will automatically synchronize when your device can reach a network again.


Aritmetic fields for handling scoring –> Powerful Indicators

For being able to produce powerful indicators there is a arithmetic field for making scorings that is calculated as an arithmetic expression based on a combination of previous collected fields and constants.


Structured and intelligent collection of data –> Efficient collection of data

The definition and design of an Indicator should be as structured as possible by using predefined information in the fields. For input fields with free text, the rich set of validation rules are used for minimizing incorrect data and also to minimize the visual noise. All together to achieve an intelligent Data Collection.


Definition of your own visualizations based on your indicators –> My own transparent analysis

In the Analyzer there is possibility to define your visualizations based on your indicators. Decide what kind of visualization that fits your questions and analysis, connect the parameters to fields in your indicators and eventually set some more properties to achieve the kind of visualization you want.


Analyze collected data in Visualizations –> Increased knowledge

Once the visualizations are defined and data are collected you can start analyzing your visualizations for taking a better next step.


Export of information for use in other services and solutions –> Openness in handling of data

If you have a favorite analyzing tool it is possible to export the collected data from visualizations and data sets. There can also be an operational or an administrational service that you want to integrate with by exporting data from MyIndicators.


Grow and scale with your increased knowledge and handle the new questions –> Wisdom

When getting answers from the analysis, it also creates new questions that you would like to look into. MyIndicators is a tool that scales with your increased knowledge. Just redesign by defining some additional fields, change some other fields and even delete a field. Then publish your Indicator and get the next version of that same Indicator with the possibility to analyze cross versions.




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